Linda Lovelace

Linda LovelaceLinda Lovelace, born Boreman in 1949, became the most famous porn star of all time with her starring role in 1972’s Deep Throat. The film became a runaway hit, playing to sell-out crowds in “respectable” cinemas; it is still considered the quintessential adult film of all time.

She could not, however, sustain her career and after 1974’s R-rated Deep Throat Part II and 1975’s Linda Lovelace for President proved to be box office disasters, she faded from sight.

She re-emerged in 1980 with publication of her controversial autobiography ‘Ordeal’. Deep Throat director Gerard Damiano gave her the professional Linda Lovelace. He wanted the initials ‘LL’ to represent what he considered the new sex symbol of the 70s; just as ‘MM’ (Marilyn Monroe) and ‘BB’ (Bridgette Bardot) had symbolized the 1950’s.

She posed for Playboy, Bachelor and Esquire magazines in 1973-1974 and in 1974 she published Inside Linda Lovelace and The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace; both autobiographies that were very different in tone and content from 1980’s Ordeal.

Lovelace died in 2002 following a car accident.